Lion公司NFPA1971消防衣清潔掛籤 (中文翻譯)Lion公司NFPA1971消防衣清潔掛籤 Garment Cleaning Label消防衣清潔標籤CLEANING AND STORE INSTRUCTION‧ Users must clean, inspect, 酒店工作maintain, store and alter only in accordance with the User Instruction, Safety and Training Guide.清潔與保存說明l 使用者必須確實遵守使用說明、安全與訓練指引之清潔、檢查、保養、酒店打工保存與異動說明。‧ Never use chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach will significantly compromise the protection afforded by textile and film materials utilized in the construction of 酒店兼職this garment.l 不可使用氯系漂白劑。氯系漂白劑會嚴重損壞消防衣布料及表層披覆之保護性能。‧ Forcoats only, remove DRD and launder DRD by hand washing with mild detergent and 澎湖民宿warm water.l 外套的部份,將DRD拆下後以中性清潔劑與溫水用手清洗DRD。‧ Fasten all hooks and D-rings and turn inside out or place in a laundry bag.l 將所有鉤子與D掛環勾好再翻燒烤過來,或是放在洗衣袋中清洗。‧ Machine wash, warm water, using only liquid detergent and if needed, liquid non-chlorine bleach. Double rinse in cool water. Never use fabric 烤肉食材softeners.l 以洗衣機清洗,溫水及液態洗衣劑,若需要漂白時要使用非氯系漂白劑。再以冷水清洗二次,不可使用衣物柔軟精。‧ Never dry clean.l 不可乾洗。‧ Dry by hanging in open 燒烤area, out of direct or indirect sunlight and fluorescent light.l 在開放區域吊掛陰乾,避免直接或間接照射日光或螢光。‧ Store out of direct or indirect sunlight and fluorescent 宿霧light.l 保存時要避免直接或間接的日光和螢光的照射。THIS STRUCTURAL FIRE FIGHTING PROTECTIVE GARMENT MEETS THE GARMENT REQUIREMENTS OF NFPA1971, 2007 EDITION. PROTECTIVE GARMENT 巴里島FOR STRUCTURAL FIRE FIGHTING IN ACCORDANCE WITHNFPA 1971-2007. 58F 6本組織型消防防護衣符合NFPA1971:2007版之規範。組織型消防防護衣之認定依據NFPA1971:2007版58條F6項之定義。(此條保馬爾地夫留,因尚未找到原始條文,無法確認)


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